About Us

The Personal Injury Compensation Claims Service was established in April 1989 and has been offering an expert witness service for the past 25 years, providing independent assessments of injury and the resulting impact on lifestyle and costs of living.

We recognise that whilst any form of disability can affect daily living, each person has a unique set of needs based on the type and severity of the disabling condition. Furthermore, the individual’s personal circumstance and aspirations need to be taken into consideration. We provide a full and detailed report and our recommendations reflect this: that every case is different and unique.   

The work provided by the Service is carried out by a small team of highly skilled and professionally registered Occupational Therapists, who have extensive experience of assessing disabled living needs across the public and private sector.  

As a small company we are able to offer a personalised approach that understands the importance of responding to requests promptly and the need to be able to manage tight deadlines and timescales.

We are able to accept instruction throughout the UK and have also prepared reports where the Claimant is residing in France, Germany, Australia and America.

Sharmin Campbell – Director

Sharmin Campbell qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1975 and first started providing an expert witness service in 1993. She became the Director of PICCS in 1998.

Sharmin has extensive experience as an expert witness and has been instructed in a range of matters. She has prepared reports in excess of 1500 cases and has experience of giving evidence in Court. She appreciates the need to ensure that her knowledge remains current and therefore also acts as a Case Manager, primarily in paediatric cases.